Our mission is to bring caregivers together to share their experiences.
That's why we created Huddol — a community dedicated to your well-being where you can exchange with our network of professionals and others like you.
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My mind is racing with negative thoughts. I can't seem to stop it.
I know what that's like. It can be stressful. We're here for you. 🙏
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The Huddol Effect

Surround yourself with people committed to helping you live your best life.
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Share wisdom or ask for guidance

Find help in our communities dedicated to your well-being.

Meet Huddol Pros and others like you

Connect with caring people and learn from qualified professionals.
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Be rewarded for supporting others

Earn HDL Tokens and redeem them for offers in our Wellness Marketplace.
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Our Members

Huddolers who have gotten back up, better, stronger
Being a mother to a child with a lifelong disabilityConnecting with others like her has helped Donna along the care journey.
Wrestling with anxiety and depressionAriane discovered healing when she reached out for help and others reached back.
Cancer won’t keep me downHow losing a dear friend to cancer set Teresa down a helping path.

Supportive Communities

Find people that have been there. Whatever you’re going through, our communities can help.

+1k professionals guiding you

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There is nothing I enjoy more than teaching people how to build inner resilience through mindfulness practice because great breakthroughs are not meant to be kept to ourselves. Huddol is that space where we nurture hope for everyone to live optimally. I’m committed to sharing my experience and to inspiring others to walk the path of internal growth.
Ariane Telishewsky, Huddol Pro, Meditation Instructor

Our Wellness Marketplace

We created a Giving Economy and Marketplace dedicated to your well-being.
MemberSusanI can help you relieve stress and live a happier life.10 Tokens / Save $25
MemberSpa ReliefI can help you find relief through a day at the spa.20 Tokens / Save $50
MemberGeorgeI can help with placement services for your elderly parents.15 Tokens / Save $100
MemberMarleneI can help you find peace through mindfulness practice.25 Tokens / Save $150
MemberYoga WorxI can help with free yoga workshops.30 Tokens / Save $45

We’re people like you.

On the path of life, you are going to encounter challenges. They can weigh us down and create a feeling of loneliness - why me, why now, why this? That’s when we feel most vulnerable. That’s also the moment when we need a safe place to create meaningful connections. Huddol is that place where we find the courage to face adversity, embrace positive change, and say why not.
Huddol CEO | Mark Stolow
Mark Stolow, President, Canadian Caregiver Network
You're ready for this.
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Helping people overcome life’s greatest challenges one meaningful connection at a time.
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